Venus as a Drag 2016

Conceputal piece in collaboration with performance artist and drag queen Aurora Gazm.

Vidadöd 2020

The gorgeous Vidadöd portrayed in the mysterious rock formation of Teufelsmauer, in Germany.

Marat + Ester: Pietas 2020

Portrait of real life couple Marat and Ester as a religious motif.

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Gøneja –


Gøneja is a Berlin-based photographer working across portraiture, nude, performance, architecture and landscape, combining projects of personal nature with editorial and gallery work. He contributed to print and online magazines, including a cover feature for DJ Mag in January 2019. He self-published two photography books “Together We Dance” (2018) and “Rituals” (2020), both distributed by Motto. He took part in selected group exhibitions and had his first solo show in October 2020 at tête Berlin. 

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