Creature n°10. Anima Mundi series 2021


Anima Mundi is an ongoing series of sculptures realised during the numerous lockdown. It means the World's Soul, an ancient philosophical concept, in which all living beings and the inanimate part of the natural world are thought to have an inner soul.
It expresses wild, ecological consciousness and fascination for textures. It's a creature of the living world that has its feelings.

The breath is often investigated, in the movements of expansion and contraction, as well as the one that regulates life and death, concepts often found in her work, as a natural continuous cycle of life.

Creature n°1. Anima Mundi series 2020


All the artist's body of work talk about concepts of evolution, expansion, and interconnection.

Creature n°7. Anima Mundi series 2020


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Gloria Sulli


Gloria Sulli is an artist who lives in London and works between the UK and Italy
Graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, she has participated in many group exhibitions, being selected and several art competitions in Italy. She has been selected for collective exhibitions throughout London and has held solo projects. In 2015 she was invited for a solo show 'Breathe' at Bazis Contemporary Platform, Centrul de Interest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, supported by European funds. In 2016 she created 'Wandering' a sculptural light installation, in St. John on Bethnal Green. In 2018 she completed an alternative postgraduate master's degree, with TOMA The Other MA. In 2019 she was awarded the art residency with Lawayaka Current, a research-based residency in a remote area in Panama. Her latest solo project 'In the Ground of our Unknowing' closed the events' program of the EG-1 Project Space at Bow Arts in July 2020.

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