Alpenflug 2021

Once again I have brough in elements that I grew up with. Among them: the mountains, poplars, gentians or eagles.

Solar Storm 2020

A powerful solar storm hits the earth and changes our modern live.

I wanted to integrate different elements that I personally like very much. For example olives and beans – they accompany me since I am little. That is one reason why the tree and the plant are painted here.

For the creation of this work I used acrylic, oil pastel, modeling clay and gouache.

Organism Humanity 2020

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Giuliano Tosi


About me

Giuliano Amedeo Tosi was born in Bern in 1992. He lives in Zurich, where he also works. He has the Swiss and Italian citizenship and feels closely connected with both countries. Only at the age of 20, he started professionally painting due to his work in the design industry. He has acquired all his skills, mainly independently and autodidactically.

Artistic Statement

The main content of my work deals with distorted, bent, merging, or disappearing representations of figures in unreal spaces or natural landscapes. Painting for me is a playground of unlimited imagination. I often combine realistic elements with things that come from my imagination. The backgrounds now develop more in the direction of nature images. The nature effect brings a nice additional component: the mood. I combine intuitive with precise techniques and I use many different materials. Recently I also work directly with the color of the painting ground (Canvas). The human anatomy and especially the

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