Winter, Llyn Ogwen 2018

The drama of a shaft of sun on a stormy winters day, hitting fresh snow on the upper slopes of the Glydder range in Snowdonia. Combined with patchy snow accentuating the sculptural rock forms of the lower slopes. (based on my own reference photos).

Masada 2019

The seemingly impregnable plateau of Masada caught in low sun at the end of the day, accentuating the burning desert colours. In the distance is the Dead Sea; to the left you see the remains of Herod’s palace and on the right you see the siege ramp built by the Romans (created here from a photograph of an elephant’s trunk).
(based on a view compiled from drone reference photos)

‘… that was a good day… ‘ Wasdale Head, English Lake District 2019

A classic view towards the highest mountain in England – ScaFell, on an unusually bright summers day (based on my own photographic reference)

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Giles Davies

United Kingdom

Having been fascinated with the possibilities of creating collages with magazine cuttings since student days at Great Yarmouth Art School; Giles often turned to collage to create images during many years designing books for TEFL for various publishers. It wasn’t until June 2015 that he started experimenting creating landscapes exclusively using magazine cuttings, with no other mixed media, and no digital manipulation. Giles discovered a very rewarding medium, with the saturation and detail of a photograph, yet the endless freedom to manipulate shapes, and juxtapose colours and printed textures. He enjoys incorporating elements of pictures in a surreal way, at a different scale and in a different context, especially if they have a connection with the particular artwork, or with the person commissioning the piece.
Giles loves the natural and man-made beauty of the Peak District, close to home; but also draws inspiration from dramatic mountains and coastal scenes, particularly in Wales.

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