Convergence 2019

Architectural abstract of Walt Disney Concert Hall

Slanted 2019

Monochrome abstract of metallic surface

Futuristic 2019

Geometric study of Walt Disney Concert Hall

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Gigi Chung

United States

Gigi Chung is a San Francisco-based fine-art photographer who mainly works in medium-format digital photography. She has come to focus on architectural abstracts with a minimalistic approach. She finds the juxtaposition of light, shadows and lines in architecture fascinating. This continues to inspire her for new ideas. Her artwork has been exhibited in multiple galleries and museums in Athens, Chania, Cormons, Glasgow, Greenville, Portland, Minneapolis, Taipei, Trieste, Tokyo, San Francisco and Vermont. Some of Chung’s recent accolades include being selected as Architecture Series Winner in the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Golden Design Award, Top 50 Designers And The Most Popular Design in Photography and Photo Manipulation Category in Novum Design Awards.

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