Other Power | 2018

Working with the ambiguity of language, this hand embroidery painting touches on the idea of helplessness and power dynamic. The work is composed of acrylic paint and hand embroidery.


To Have and To Harvest | 2017

The video and still image installation To Have and To Harvest is an acknowledgement of the demons within. The action of embrace is to hold dear the demons that help define us individually; the action of cutting with a sickle is to harvest or cut out that which no longer needs to grow. Both actions are the reality of the invisible battle that marks our daily existence and the choices we make.


Loss and Leaching Field | 2017

The performance and installation Loss and Leaching Field is a series of grooming actions that my mother never provided for her daughters. I braided nine rows of grains—smaller than rice—and combed the surrounding area under the beating and broiling high sun. The rows of braided grains are allowed to grow, but each bounded stalk is in a state of constant stress. To be bound by unfair forces and to keep growing was/is still an expectation.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Giang Pham

United States

Giang Pham is an artist and educator based in Alabama and Texas, USA. Her practice includes painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, and mixed media works that venture into the realm of digital and fiber art. Her works are visual arguments incorporating multiple materials and mediums with themes ranging from issues of class and culture. She is currently investigating the ambiguity of language through fiber paintings. Pham received her BFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma and her MFA in Sculpture from the University of Florida.

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