n1. 2017

sumi ink on handmade Bhutan paper. 11×17 inch

This research is deeper and difficult and it scares me a lot, but that’s the beauty of it. That means that it’s real. For example, I never know what my work is going to be. I literally never plan. I try to stay with the moment. It’s kind of like a meditation. I try to ground myself in the moment and appreciate everything. Even the spots that are all over the place, they are part of the big picture. That comes from Zen philosophy, to accept all the parts of what we are and that we have basically no control.
“It is hard to overcome fear and be sincere with oneself. Freedom is possible only through self acceptance.” — Gianfranco Cioffi


n2. 2017


n3. 2017

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Gianfranco Cioffi


Contemporary painter Gianfranco Cioffi, born and raised in Italy and currently residing in Los Angeles, California, has participated in shows all over the United States and Europe. Through Calligraphy pens and brushes, Bamboo stick and pastels, Sumi ink and Watercolor, Gianfranco forever captures a precious moment in time with the stroke of his hand. There's a combination of minimal balance, movement, and seductive emotional gestures in his chosen colors and fully focused lines. The scheme of his painting invites the observer to move into an unknown space that activates our deep, hidden, and sometimes forgotten memories. Gianfranco speaks to the turbulence inside of us.

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