Shape of moving waves – Performance Project 2018

Shape of moving waves – Group ’ is a format developed in collaboration with the TanzFabrik Berlin.
This project focuses on the staging of a site-specific performance throughout a period of residency together with a mixed group of local artists related to the hosting community.
A movement and sound creation inspired by the characteristics of the hosting country, its cultural roots, traditions, history, people and territory.
The performance project aims to offer the public insights into the artistic process and create a collection of works involving various communities. A compilation of performances to celebrate the beauty of diversity and the particular characteristics of the participants culture.

The Body Frame 2019

In “ The Body Frame”, the duo looks for an immersive art experience between the fusion of a live concert with a visual concept made by a performing body and projections.
The music travels through a width range of emotions to transmit a dramaturgic path crossing multiple scenes reminiscent of theater chapters. Experimenting out of boundaries, the concept try to look for an intelligible key able to create a symbiosis that aims to bring the audience closer to the artist and the art.
A soul's journey towards each chapter that contains various state of mind, memories and pictures. Dynamic grooves, glitchy techno beats, downtempo beats, space guitars and cinematic soundscapes merge a complementary visual environment that translates and emphasizes the emotional core of the sound.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Giacomo Mattogno


InCapsula project founded by the music-composer Giacomo Mattogno and the dancer-choreographer Enrico Paglialunga. InCapsula is the ‘site’ for multidisciplinary encounters between dance and music, in collaboration with artists and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds – encounters which translate into performances, live concerts, workshops and open participatory formats.
Our works are an artistic, political and social reflection on the reality which surrounds us. We create works designed for theaters, urban and unconventional spaces.
InCapsula's work has been presented in various Festivals, theaters and unconventional spaces like:
Idea Festival Amman (JO), Fusion festival (DE), At.tension Festival (DE), Ada Studio Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Teatro Assoli Napoli (IT) , TenDance Festival (IT), Bonsai Fest

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