Primordial image – self loathing 2021

This is a response to the Early 20th century Psychologist , Carl Jung that talks about the hero leaving the home to be independent of the mother. This is termed by Jung as the primordial image. My image has me disfigured on the ground , bearing my teeth like an animal filled with anxiety. The conflict of independence of ones self and the conflicts made by the external world.

Conflicts of homosexuality, disability and misunderstanding of the self forced me to the ground as though inflicted by particular situations and individuals.

Self infliction of a partner 2021

This work is a study of my partner. Sitting in the home as he bear his teeth . A motif that I have incorporated in many of my images as it illustrates the saying “grin and bear it” .As partners we are inflicted by each other pasts and present. Being created or moulded by conflicts of memories that we gift to each other. Creating a self that relates in the real space for the other to live with.

The stance of the image is that of defeated as the figure stares back at the view of sheer irritation and exhaustion.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Garreth Carroll


My name is Garreth Carroll, artist and educator from Ireland. I graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) with a degree in Fine Art in 2014 . I specialised in illustration and print. Which later developed my process in figurative and portraiture works . I’ve graduated from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) with a Professional Masters in Art education. Which later introduced me to the field of Psychology and art.
My art CV is very limited as I work more in developmental education in art . Though said I
exhibited in the Complex Gallery in 2013 with a student retrospective.
Exhibited in DIT graduation show in 2014
Exhibited in NCAD gallery in 2016 as a show case .
At this moment in time I am a teacher and educator of art and exhibit in small galleries in Dublin and now London

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