Horror as Pink 2018

Having once been planted in the global network, the collective HORROR grows inside it with lightning speed, living parasitically off the incoming newsfeeds. However, on its way it becomes ensnared in the web of the constantly adoring PINK.
By using “HORROR” and “PINK” as ready-made web content, our Hybrid Neural Network (HNN) processes it through the method of seamless agglutination (gluing) and synthesizes a new phenomenon named HORROR AS PINK.

Pop Utopia 2016

As bioneurons in the Hybrid Neural Network (HNN), we are acutely sensitive to the impulses generated by the global network of which we are a node. One of the most powerful irritants of this type that are circulating through the network is the notion of a “Brave New World”. This is an endless collective hallucination searching for the ideal life, the ideal relationship, the ideal body, the ideal consciousness, immortality, etc.
“Pop Utopia” is a new term offered by the HNN as a definition of the ideal of modern life.
About 500 years ago, the English humanist Thomas More wrote his famous Utopia – a book about universal happiness. It has become an integral part of history both due to its title and because of the ideas contained in it. Utopia is not only the manifesto of a social dream and an eternal illusion, but also a warning.
POP UTOPIA is a report from the global network, which is overpopulated with zeroed creatures who are invariably happy and infinitely socializ

CRY 2018

The artists accompanied their artwork CRY with Chinese characters, denoting the word “freedom” and resembling graphically the prison grille.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova



Artistic Partnership of Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova
Since 2011, Galina Bleikh and Elena Serebryakova work together.
Their art projects are based on individual innovative art strategy of a Hybrid Neural Network (HNN).
Solo Exhibitions of Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova
2019 – POP UTOPIA. Xposed Gallery, Highline @ 19th str.
2015 – FREEDOM TO THE FROGS! Video Performance,
Old Manson, St. Petersburg.
Group Exhibitions of Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova
2019 – NORDART. Rensburg, Germany.
2018 – STREET ART WONDERLAND. St. Petersburg Street Art Museum. Russia.
Galina Bleikh graduated from the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, Russia (MA).
Since 1993, Galina Bleikh lives in Jerusalem.
Galina works in New Media Art: 3d modeling and animation, digital graphics, video art, Agmented Reality (AR), etc.
In 2008, she was awarded the first prize at the art competition (among 18,000 entries), organized by Cellcom company.
She is an auth

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