Metamorphosis 2020

Mixed media acrylic and oil on canvas
80 x 1m.
In this particular phase of humanity, contact with Nature plays a fundamental role for physical, mental and spiritual well being.
Checking emails on your mobile phone, paying the rent of the 40sqm apartment by bank transfer, activating the wi-fi, buying plastic and throwing it, taking the metro quickly, incinerating waste, consuming vices, cutting trees and opening factories … You willl begin to feel an invisible force that immobilizes you, breaks your natural cycles, annihilates the time and freedom of your existence, atrophies the mind and drives out the spirit. As the butterflies pass by in stages towards their metamorphosis, we are about to be free to take flight towards understanding. The collective awareness of being Nature has come, be One with it represents the key to our evolution.

Pachamania 2020

Mural Art, Acrylic on wall
5 x 2,80m
Donation to Bolivian Aymara Tribe
The most powerful natural being here; we are on this beautiful planet to learn and evolve. What a wonderful experience!
The medicine for our evolution is the connection with mother Earth and all that it contains; is where we were born, it is our nourishment every day, everything we need it. Pachamama is a sacred being, together with the stars, the other planets and all those who inhabit it.
The whole universe is sacred and everything is connected.
Plants, animals, air, water, human beings and non-humans, light, shadow, mountains, desert, fire, pain, joy, all is sacred. Everything makes sense in this world, even when human beings are not yet understanding.
The concepts of right and wrong do not exist in Nature, here everyone and everything is perfect.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Gaia Camponi Benaglia


According to Gaya,visionary art has the power to represent the spiritual world and the vibrations that structure our universe, but also the consciousness arising in the human being from the search for truth. After studying in Rome painting techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts and Roman School of Comics,and digital painting at the Genius Academy,she participated in international exhibitions and published 4 illustrated books. Past work experience includes editorial illustrations,advertising,comics,installations,oil on canvas,tattoo,events decorations,artists manager for festivals,painting classes and especially hand-painted murals. The quest for spiritual healing and reconnection with Nature brought her to travel the globe and learn from indigenous tribes.The work she undertook to heal from our unsustainable western patterns is now driving her brushes. She’s now committed to use mural art as a vehicle for ancient knowledge and ecological consciousness to inspire the contemporary world

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