Path Look 2019

analog photography, 35mm

untitled 2019

analog photography, 35mm

occupying spaces 2019

analog photography, 35mm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Gabriela Cavalcante


Gabriela Vasconcellos is a journalist, art therapist and works, within all areas to which she belongs, for the rescue of everyday beauty, the pause and the search for enchantment. The presence of art in her life was made in different ways – clowning, body expression, plastic expressions – until she started to study creativity and playfulness. Understanding that art and playing bring us closer to who we are essentially.
In this way, her artistic research is related to the small beauties of everyday life, with the poetic search for who she is and with the desire to make others pay attention to them through photography, artistic intervention and writing.
Her creative process is very intuitive. She proposes to register what affects her emotionally. Within the photograph, its records are analog, with a 35mm camera.
She has the photographic projects “Postcards for myself” and “Path Look”.
She is currently involved in researching the artistic intervention “Suspended Moment”.

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