Synergy 2020

Life is incomplete without synergy, which speaks volume of love, support, care etc

All we need as human is synergy it makes the world fun, easy, and perfect .

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Gabriel Udoka


Jideonwor Gabriel Udoka(1991), Is an artist and also a gallerist, owner of (Vivid Exclusive Art Gallery), lives in Lagos city, Nigeria. He was educated at Lagos State Polytechnic where he graduated in Art and Industrial Design in 2015. From a very tender age, Gabriel wanted to tell stories and showcase the beauty, perfection of God’s creation through pictures. But growing up was hard because of the harsh realities of life. He faced the challenges of peer pressure and family and the inability of others’ thoughts to understand his wild and imaginative mind. Art was his escape from life. Art offered him hope and a promise of a future filled with beautiful colors.His styles are expressionism and realism. Artists whose styles have influenced his work are Leonardo Da Vinci, Abdulasalam Abdulkareem, Voka.
HND in painting

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