Ruido DADA. 2016

In this series I use clay vases as a metaphor: “pottery” as a cause or principle of the development of civilization. Some modern materials such as glass, plastic as a refer- ence to the possibilities to manipulate matter that currently exist and as an effect/ reference to the current state of society, I propose a connection between these ma- terials from an hexagonal brass bar, which I use in a metaphorical way as a reference to the importance that has had the use of metals and geometry to reach this point in civilization.


Havasu Mirage. 2017

This piece was developed in collaboration with the Department of Natural Sciences of the University of Arizona ASU, with selected elements from the collections of mam-
mals, marine animals and fossils. These elements are arranged on a base / sculpture in the shape of a fragmented pyramid, made of recycled sponge.
With this piece I try to question the nature, cost and origin of the materials in relation to their possible uses / applications and their importance at the present
time. Is it more important a skull of a mountain lion (Puma) permanently stored in a shelf, than a piece of sponge arranged under a carpet in an of ce for everyone to
walk on?. At the same time I use basic principles to achieve an aesthetically coherent composition that seeks a formal equilibrium, principles such as balance, gravity
and scale.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Gabriel Rico


Gabriel Rico (1980) lives and work between Lagos de Moreno and Guadalajara in Mexico. Gabriel study architecture at the Instituro de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO), his work is a constant study of production processes and the aesthetical and compositional possibilities of objects, with a particular interest in morphological conditions caused by erosion . His work has been presented in museums, galleries and independent spaces in Mexico, Colombia, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, South Korea, among others. For example,in the ASU Art Museum in Phoenix, USA in the Charlottenborg Fonden in Copenhagen, Denmark; in the gallery Perrotin in Paris, France; in Sinaloa Art Museum (MASIN) in Culiacan, Mexico; Public Library Virgilio Barco in Bogotá, Colombia; in the CEART, Spain.

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