Lady in the Quarentine Field 2021

Photo shoot that I made at home, with my cousin. We tried to evocate her inner authenticy and creating an atmosphere that can be beautiful and disquieting.

The Kiss of The Blossom 2020

Concept Photo shoot that brings nature, human kindness and beauty in one image.

Extenuation 2021

Do you feel Agony or Anguish?

The agony is related to the feeling that the suffering one experiences will have no end.

Anguish arises from the certainty of death. It appears whenever the person realizes that time passes and with it, their biological time tends to slip away.

I reflected on the feelings that permeated the years of the pandemic. The first ones that came to mind were agony and anguish.

In a quick survey, I realized that anguish is not something that afflicts me. Death is not something that scares me, death is like the soul taking off a shoe that was tight.

So I decided to work on the agony, the agony of the moment we are living, the agony of the gratuitous hatred that we receive directly and indirectly and the agony of life's uncertainties.

When I looked at this feeling and how it affects me, it was like I took a veil off my face. Understanding the roots, reasons and consequences was quite an experience. The result is in these two images.

Agony for me is that, it's

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Gabriel de Andrade


Gabriel Rodrigues is a Brazilian teacher, photographer and filmmaker who circulates between portraits, fine art self-portraits and landscapes. Graduated in Advertising specialist in audiovisual language and cinema, teaching in higher education and Master of Health Promotion, his work is characterized by uniqueness and authenticity. Gabriel create his images based on inner concerns and sensations, the constant search for the new, for the unexplored is what moves this artist's work.

Currently, his artistic research and work aim to provoque reflections about artistic, social and world wide questions that might be forgotten due to the modern way of life. Gabriel is always studying and searching for new and different ways to share his art. He believes that, through photography people can access a whole new world and reconsider lots of concepts that was stablished in society.

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