Tracy at Homecoming parade in 2017 2017

I was first allured by The Morgans at the Homecoming Halloween parade; I noticed that some of the kids weren’t wearing shoes when they were running around the parking lot of the local Piggly Wiggly grabbing each other ‘s candies and laughing.
Since, I have continued to photograph them. They have such a strong bond and enjoy doing everything together. Tracy is the youngest of the Morgan children. I love her haircut; her father cuts all the kids’ hair, and Tracy’s style was inspired by his love of Bruce Lee.

Coppins Chapel 2018

Dining room at Coppins Chapel located the other side of the train tracks in town.
This is the church for the local African American community. One day, I met James, who takes care of the church, while photographing the signs and exterior.
We started to talk and explained what we are doing. He was very sweet and told us we could come in to photograph, and invited us to join the service on Sunday. We went back and spent Sunday morning there.

Addie and Jaidon 2018

When I first met Addie and Jaidon, they were playing together in the school band. They are on the fringes of the social groups at school. They stood out emotionally to me as very powerful to photograph because both blur lines of the feminine and masculine. They are beyond gender and, words.

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Fumi Nagasaka


Born in Nagoya, Japan, Nagasaka moved to New York in 2002 to study English and explore North American culture. In 2003 she started working as a freelance photographer for the Japanese cult magazine Street, and later traveled around Europe shooting docu- mentary photographs. Today she divides her time between commercial and creative pursuits. Her photographs have appeared in magazines and fashion brand such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dazed&Confused, AnOther, Vogue, NY Times T and others. In 2016 she has published her first book Untitled Youth by Kahl Editions, and launched her 2nd book Teenage Riot by Bywater Bros Editions in 2018.

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