"secret code" 2020

„Secret Code“ is the title of my work. Seventeen singel pieces, put up on a wall.
Each handbuilt and dubble glazed. The green glaze running over the edges.
ca. 2500 x 65 x 23 cm.
My work has been for a couple of years about landscapes, islands, inspired from my seven years partly stay in Norway.
Listening to the news, full with catastrophies all over the world, I started this work. Turning the world upside down.
A kind of secret message, magic melodie, the recipe to save the world.
Utopic? Yes, I know, but it should be allowed to dream.

"The work is turning upside down 2020

pedestal piece, handbuilt, glazed.

48 x 25 x 39 cm

A statment to our situation the world is right now in. According to a very old English phrase: "upside down" , meaning, things being out of order, not in place.

"looking Down At Them Islands" 2020

pedestal piece, handbuilt, glazed.
Landscape, island, inspired from the Norwegian fjords.
Creating my own world, looking down at them like a giant. This works where created in cooperation with Ingvar Nistad, a Norwegian poet.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Friederike Zeit Narum



Born 1963; Member of Association German Artists ; called in International Academy of Ceramics, Genf; Group 83; Foundation Symposium „Intonation-Deidesheimer Kunsttage“ (www.intonation- deidesheim.de); 2011 Guest artist Staatliche Majolika, Karlsruhe, Germany
EXHIBITIONS, Selection: 2019 Korean International Ceramic Biennale; 2014 Vorwerk, Center for contemporary art, Syke, Germany
2013 Kunsthalle Feldbach, Feldbach, Austria; 2010 ARTendal, Artendal, Artendal, Norway; 2008 IAC, Xi ́an, China; 2008 Biennale de la sculpture de la Ceramique, Mamer, Mamer, Luxembourg
AWARD: 2015 Travel Stipendium, Stiped exhibition,Skien, Norway; 2002 First Award, Biennale international de la sculpture en Ceramique, City of Mamer, Mamer, Luxembourg; 1995 Second Award, Kunst am Bau, City of Deidesheim, Deidesheim, Germany
1994 First Award, Frechener Kulturstiftung, Museum Frechen, Frechen, Germany
RESIDENCY: 2018 Anai Residency, Lagos, Nigeria 2011 Artist in residence, Staatliche Majolika, Karlsruhe

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