Arcadia 2019

Depicted above is my entry for the COCA competition “Arcadia”. From top to bottom I plan for this piece to be about 60cm and from left to right, about 85cm (roughly the size of an A1 piece of paper). As discussed on my CV, in my work I focus on giving the viewer a snapshot into the utopia that I create through my imagery. This piece is an example of that snapshot. I aim for the observer to question what exists between the gaps between these images, what draws them all together, where do these images exist. Thus allowing ones imagination to run wild and very much feeling a part of the dreamlike world that these images exist in. The name Arcadia aims to display a place of harmony and tranquillity, where no one subject is more important then the other.

The City Bleeds 2018

Lost In Translation 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Freddie Hazael

United Kingdom

Currently I am a third-year student studying photography at Manchester Metropolitan university. I like to try and blur the line between fashion and art photography. I believe work shouldn’t be viewed differently because of the context it exists in. I believe fashion photography is not just about the clothes in an image, but the fantasy world that the image exists in.
I aim to transport my viewers into a utopian world that I create with my imagery. During post-production I manipulate my images to give the impression that they feel as if they are of another, dreamlike place. A world of aesthetic and desire, in the hope that the observer tries to be a part of. Inspired by the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Nick knight, I aim to share my own novel way of depicting the world.

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