Entropia 2021

Sweet excape 2021

The Gate 2020

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Franco Corsi



Corsi was born on December 1981 in Carrara, a city of art in Tuscany. From an early age he was passionate about painting, also thanks to the hours spent in his sculptor father Maurizio's artistic shop, he won regional and national competitions. He began his journey by making copies of original art works, mainly classical figurative, then approached realist painting by pursuing the raw beauty of Frida Khalo and other 19th-century painters. Franco's first contemporary abstract experiments concern in the genre of great masters such as Kandinsky, Mondrian, Pollock, Richter and Burri, before he developed in his very own, personal "Eccentric Visions". His two years in London were hugely enriched by his participation in and exposure to many different artistic and cultural experiences, from music and poetry, sculpture and architecture, dance and opera, to multimedia arts. This, plus his many encounters with artists from many disciplines, provided a fertile environment for the next stage.

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