"It is the desperate moment when we discover that this empire, which had seemed to us the sum of all wonders, is an endless, formless ruin."

A live cinema experience combining physical theatre and small scale set design, playing with the different perspectives through which we look at one thing. The performance plays with juxtaposition of life as seen through the lens of a camera and human eye in an experiential audience journey into the relativity of size and scale.
The audience, after watching a movie in the screen is invited to immerse and discover the world that is behind it, altering the experience of seeing and creating a new frame for the viewer and for the object that is viewed. What seemed to be real size in the movie, is actually miniature world. A doll’s house, a ocean inside a fish tank and a forest of broccoli – four small scale activated installations.The relativity of size and scale, as a metaphor for the relativity of life, and the duality of things.


“SCORES TO READ THE INVISIBLE” is a proposal for site specific project co-created with the citizens and experienced by one audience at a time. The concept was created during Metropolis Residencies (Copenhagen, June 2019).
The performance can be experienced in two ways:

1. As a participant that will help to create the narrative of tomorrow’s audio experience.
A performative sound-booth in a specific location in the area, that will invite citizens and passers by to enter and answer specific questions whilst immersed in a sound booth intimate performance.
2. An audio-experience co-created by the citizens on the previous day.
This is an experience for one audience at a time and with no performers. It is an audio-experience guided by "scores of things to find" in the city. The experience comprises: a score book with instructions of things to find in the city and a binaural headphone.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.


United Kingdom

I am a theatre maker and artist based in the UK. I create, produce and curate live experiences – from site specific and interdisciplinary performances, to place-making through arts and culture. I work between Europe and Brazil creating my own works as well as sometimes collaborating in projects from other artists and companies.
My portfolio of works started with my company Teatro Geografico in 2010 in Brazil and is being further explored with my current projects in Europe. Since then, I have created several performances including site specific work for abandoned buildings, live cinema experiences, participatory performances celebrating the balconies and windows of a specific street and a series of works called UNSEEN CITIES.
I am interested in the dialogue between place and spectator and in the line between everyday reality and fiction, playing with the multiple possibilities of layering and narrativizing space and experience.

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