For the first edition of ECHO DUBAI Festival we’ve been invited to present an interactive installation. The brief was really open, to connect art and design with the innovative technology.

We decided to create an installation that was a hybrid between an interactive artwork and high quality product with an aesthetic fascination from the world of interior design.

We designed a mirror, essential for its shapes combined with the use of facial detection technique in order to distort the viewer perception and to put the user in front of a self reflection that’s different from the ordinary one.

The installation overlays the viewer’s face on the other people’s faces who have previously mirrored themselves, creating a new physiognomy that is the result of the fusion of these last ones. Technically once user’s face is in correct position we create a snapshot and process it to become a 3D texture. After that we blend the 3D texture to the actual user face using the 3D mapping technique.

Collaborative concept with model Gemma Huh about the heartbreak of watching someone in addiction.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Francesco Bernabei


I'm signin in the name of MONOGRID. MONOGRID is a Digital Creative Studio, actually it’s a group of people, talented people, always looking for something new and challenging. We are proudly part of Cattleya Group, the main independent film and television producer in Italy, and represented by THINK CATTLEYA. We share our love and passion for both beauty and technology, and we work hard to successfully merge them together and push our boundaries. We support brands and agencies offering our passion and knowledge to create refined works and unique experiences.

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