Promenade 2021

168x150cm acrylic on canvas

A walk, where the walker and the environment mix and blend together, thoughts, sounds and colours, all chewed up by an attention that jumps around, that shuffles all the elements, immersed in the space we are walking through, with which we are mixed up.

Countryside 2021

150x120cm acrylic, marble powder on canvas

A superimposition of moments, of glimpses and sensations, to condense a landscape, with its architecture, its incongruities…

Going 2020

35x22cm acrylic on canvas

Going is a painting of two men who are separating. I chose this title not only because of the scene depicted, but because it emphasises an action in movement, such as the limit between figuration and abstraction, which in this painting perhaps becomes the central theme. Going, therefore, in the sense of being neither here – in figuration – nor there – in abstraction -, in an attempt to consider both at the same time, playing open cards, and finding oneself forced to consider painting simply as such.
I chose a small format because it forces the viewer to get closer, it forces him to confront this tension which, thanks to the proximity and scale of the painting and the atmosphere in which the figures are placed, becomes more intimate, more personal.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Francesco Battistello


Francesco Battistello was born in Piove di Sacco (PD) on 30 September 1994. His passion for the figurative arts began at school, where instead of listening to lessons he invented stories and illustrated them. During his high school years, he encountered street art, his interest in painting grew, and after graduating from a technological high school, he began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.
Under the chair of Prof. Carlo di Raco, he obtained his first level diploma in painting in March 2018. in July 2020 he obtain his second level diploma in painting at the academy of fine arts in Venice. Currently he is enrolled in the first year of the Master's degree in painting at ENSAV La Cambre, in Brussels.

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