Soul Scars 2021

Visual Analysis of my soul.
We all have those kinds of wounds whether we realize it or not.

Feelings, in 2020 2020

Representing photographically the jagged development of feelings in the era of few and far between social gatherings

Brainstorm 2020

There is a storm,
raging in my brain.

Thoughts and words reaffirm,
and the idea comes again.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Francesca Ferrari


Francesca is a creative designer based in London, UK.
Creative means she has a high sensibility in translating sensations and thoughts onto visuals and art pieces.
After completing her studies at NABA in Milan, she moved to London where, since 2015, she lives and works as a consultant throughout contemporary art and fashion. Inspired by natural/suburban elements, and fascinated by the mutability of the fluid ink, her creative research explores the study of the graphic marks and non-repetitive element of rhythmical brushstroke conceived as a key aspect of personal distinction and approached right through the development of contemporary calligraphy art.

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