Jean Paul T 2019

Déconstruction de l'image du portrait.
A rebours de l'image numérique traditionnelle, cette série s'attache à déconstruire le portrait classique afin de s'interroger sur la représentation du corps dans l'espace

Sans titre 2019

Défiguration du portrait par le traitement de l'encre. Recherche de fluidité et d'expressivité de la couleur.

Rhizomes 2019

Hybridation de l'image en mouvement aux techniques graphiques traditionnelles. Mix entre nouveaux média et image vidéo.

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As a movie maker, a plastic artist and a teacher, being graduated from Caen School of Arts and selected and awarded at several festivals of digital art creation, I have been constantly developing my visual universe in France and abroad.

My cultural engagement is characterised by cross-disciplinary practices which are based upon the hybridization of traditional media and digital technologies. Thus, the ink gets blended to the video, the moving picture leaves its traditional format to take up space, and as for the photography, it loses its documentary neutrality to becomes food for thought.

With my productions, I question painting and movie making…

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