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The Humanity project aims to highlight the need for humanity, for a feeling of mutual love that the world needs today.
Being human that means overcoming those behaviors that reduce us very much like robotic machines; in the society in which we live, competition, performance, perfection make us little inclined to accept errors, defects, frustrations, physical imperfections, everything that defines a man or a woman.
Removing greed, hatred, violence, allows us to nurture love, to feel more and to think less, avoiding closing ourselves and being manipulated by this system of things.
Humanity identifies each of us, I identify myself by connecting to my origin, to my living memory of the past, transmitting the story and recognizing the meaning of one's own history.
The project wants to convey the need to be free from any mechanism induced by society and to express oneself without fear, telling oneself, one's own history, recognizing who we are, our origin,

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Artist name “DeniChic”, born in Catanzaro (Italy) in 1986.

I dance since i was 6 years old, studying different kind of dance styles, in active in Italian Hip Hop scene about 12 years, like dancer, teacher and choreografer.

I’m a freestyler dancer, skilled in Locking, and find myself in funk, where i find the way to come out and also the my way of access.
As a freestytler dancer, many are my issues in Italian national and iternational level, like in Germany, Holland, Japan and Las Vegas.

In 2011 co-founder of dancing school in Aosta Valley, named “Officina Danza”.

My dancing reason is to comunicate as many people as possible a message, an emotion , a sensation, my solo “Humanity- Origin” it’s a call to humanity and to our origins.

We all need more humanity and to progress it’s essential to connect to our origins.

My solo was selected at the Dumbo Dance Festival – Brooklyn – New York

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