Kaleidoscope 2019

All Elements are crucial aspects to create a healthy, balanced, physical, mental and spiritual life and planet. Kaleidoscope represents the fire element.
The fire is responsible for transformation, for warmth, for life, for alchemy and magic. It was created with over 6 different layers of resin and pigments. Closely you can observe the intricate details in the background, which represent flames, flowers as symbols of birth and life and the electrical fields of life. The layers are a representation I believe creation, life, the earth and our own self. We all work and have many layers. Just like in any situation or person in life, there is more than meets the eye and a quick glance at something is not enough to fully capture the depth or understanding. Whatever we give attention enlarges and is reflected back at us. Yet simulations the reflection of something, and its repetition can create a beautiful symmetrical symmetry, a sense of a new perspective. Burning will create a rebirth.

A Bigger Picture 2020

The element earth and the planet earth is represented in ´A Bigger Picture´ a painting made from natural handpicked and made pigments and paints. The earth quality is what keeps us here in this reality, as humans. It represents our physical body, nourishment, patience, perseverance and grounding. Without these qualities there is no structure, no growth, no stability and progress.

Esmerald 2019

Esmerald represents the three missing 3 elements, Water, Air, and Ether.
Water is life, we are made up essentially of water which represents, purification, emotion, love, creativity the surrender passion, liberation and renewal. Not only does the water hydrate and nourish us, but it also allows us to cleanse and in essence restart. In a world where our waters are increasingly polluted and water could become a scare resource, it is crucial that we take care of this element.
Ether and Air is represented by the stars and the Galaxies above the Esmerald waters which connect to what is beyond us, to creation to the immensity of this Universe, the stars, the so that we can have a different understanding and perception of life and of our own existence.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Filipa Faria de Carvalho



Filipa Faria de Carvalho is a Portuguese artist who grew up and lived in numerous continents and countries, learning several languages as a result. While artistic drive was present from an early age, it was through her BA in Business and Hotel Management which further exposed her to different cultures and philosophies, that prompted a desire to pursue a career in art. Her lifetime of travel is reflected in her artwork as a continual source of inspiration. Filipa´s fascination with the diverse landscapes of the universe, in particular their interconnectedness, was a main source of creativity. This collection of paintings intends to mirror both the vastness of our galaxy, along with its delicate and intricate details; whilst simultaneously inspiring the limitless imagination residing in the collective consciousness. The techniques used were a mixture of acrylics, resin and mixed media, creating a combination of textures reflecting both the depth and subtlety of the metaphysical.

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