Scarecrows | 2017/2016

Scarecrows is a project created by Kate Fichard and Hugo Deniau, on the creation of scarecrows,
produced in 2016 in France.

We noticed some time ago that scarecrows no longer existed in the fields and vegetable gardens because,
frighteningly, pesticides and safety nets replaced them.

Being sensitive to the environment and ecology, and how not to be today,
we thought of a more committed project to offer the birds of our region the sweetly scary meeting of forgotten silhouettes.

The scarecrow of the verb to terrify, is supposed to inspire fear to the animals who approach it by appearing a human presence.
From this eternal antagonism, we have made these creatures, certainly not always terrifying, but inspired by
a certain idea of ​​contemporary terror, using for this purpose objects, materials and colors related to
the pollution and the aggressions of which the world is too often victim.

The creation of a scarecrow is essentially based on salvage elements found on site,
that is to say on the places where the scarecrow was implanted.

To reconcile men, nature and the birds that populate it is a project as ambitious as it is indispensable.
Ours, by these photos which rehabilitate our dear scarecrows of yesteryear is thus a form of soft action,
which wants to be modest but which we are very involved.

To these first photographs will be added others, we want to develop the series through different natural and urban landscapes,
show the richness and diversity of places.

Through this project, we also want to share with the environmental and ecological communication another approach,
more joyous and creative.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Fichard Kate


I am Kate Fichard born in Paris in 1987, based in Paris. After studying at La Cambre in Brussels and graduated at Ecal of a bachelor of Arts HES-SO, visual communication, I attended Paolo Roversi for a year and a half and Erwan Frotin on his personal project Flux. I then co-founded Studio KH with Hugo Deniau we do photography, video, art direction and set design by mixing art and commercial. Hard of hearing, I was probably naturally attracted by the desire to restore through the image everything that a body or a sculpture was able to transmit. My work always focuses on reflection of body language and on the creation of sculptures.

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