What would happen if the consciousness of the world's oldest ancient origins data and AI come together for hybrid architectural public art?

Ouchhh has created DATAMONOLITH using the world's oldest data! By using the Generative adversarial network (GAN) and Ai algorithms, Ouchh created a new Data Monolith which meant to learn from Gobeklitepe data (dating from Pre-Pottery Neolithic B, PPN; 9600–7000 calBC)

Asia Design Prize_GRAND PRIZE Seoul

Previous Exhibition Places for AI DATAMONOLITH:
_NewYork Times Square
_Tokyo _moriartmuseum
_Barcelona _Llumbcn
_Las Vegas @intersect support by intel and amazon
_London Oxford Street

Installation can resizable according to budget and space. It might be for interior or exterior.

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DATA GATE _ World’s First AI Astronomical Research Data Architectural Sculpture 2018

KEPLER: 9.6 Years in Space_2662 Planets confirmed_61 Supernovae Documented_530,506 Stars observed

The installation consists of 3 parts; Form, Light and Space. Light is the world’s first artwork based upon the idea of utilization of Machine Learning in the context of space discovery and astronomical research through NASA’s Kepler Data Sets.
By taking this concept one step further, Ouchhh aims for this artwork to be considered as a gate between our planet and other habitable planets around the universe.

Ouchhh visualized and stylized the findings of these Neural Networks for identifying exoplanets using the dimming of the flux. The resulting work will invite visitors to plunge into the fascinating world of space discovery through immersive data sculpture. The installation will offer a poetic sensory experience and is meant to become a monument of mankind’s contemplative curiosity and profound need for exploration.

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Ferdi Alici


Ouchhh is a global creative new media studio with pioneer innovator in the creative field who have been showing outstanding results in the art science technology scene in 10 years. Ouchhh studio is a belief in data paintings&sculptures, a mind-driven approach, discovering new technological models to reflect the variety of context and experience that shape their futuristic perspective. The in-house team consists of varied talent, from Ai Artists, engineers, academicians, creative coders, designers, motion graphics, and media designers all with one synced vision that knowledge creates an epic public experience. Ouchhh has a main office in Istanbul, and partnerships in Beijing, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris, and Berlin. They consider themselves to be a multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, data paintings, artificial intelligence, data-driven sculptures, kinetic public arts, immersive experiences, offering direction, art direction, and producing A/V.

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