Textures 2018

23/32 cm

Impregnation 2017

21/40 cm

Extension 2017

8 pieces (6 * 15/15 cm + 2 * 30/30 cm)

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ferdaws Chamekh



Ferdaws Chamekh is a Tunisian fine artist. She comes from Medenine, a governorate in south-eastern Tunisia. She spent her childhood in Hammamet then she moved to Medenine where she continued her elementary and secondary school.

In 2011, Ferdaws obtained her bachelor’s degree in Fine arts from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Nabeul.
Two years later, she obtained her master’s degree from the Higher Institue of Fine Arts of Tunis. Now, she is a Phd student specialized in plastic art.

She started showing her works in 2009. After graduation, she encountered many experiences where she employed different materials and techniques like ceramic and glass.

In 2014, she became part of the Union of Tunisian Artists and she participated in many fine exhibitions.

Starting from 2015, She became a trainer and a university teacher. She teached in the Higher institute of Fine Arts of Sidi Bouzid, the Higher Institute of Heritage professions of Tunis, the Higher institue of Humanitie

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