Organ Play 器官嬉戲 2019

What are sex and the sexual/sensual body? This work offers the audience empathic experiences of the tactile and aural sensation with the sensual choreography of the body and skin, re-imagining and re-defining human sexuality. What is dance? How can it be captured and appreciated in a different way?

Our body is a sexual organ.
Our body is our sex.

U.S. (Unwholesome Shelter) 「美」國 2019

This series juxtaposes the torn and dirty USian flag with the naked bodies of all genders, races, sexuality, nationality, and cultural backgrounds. I am interested in critiquing the United States as the dreamland and shelter for people and immigrants. The U.S. was alleged to be the most open and tolerant country but it fails to welcome people from various backgrounds equally. This series aims to document and capture people’s bodies, their vulnerability, emotions, and strength through/with the cut USian flag. Everyone was invited to join the project because most of the people are immigrants in some ways at some point in history in the country even if they’re citizens now. Moreover, I am interested in the body, not some mainstream beauty. I encourage people all to model nude because I am not interested in censoring any specific body parts. Also, if they are part of the body, they deserve to be seen/there.

Alt-Sex 異.性 2019

“Alt-Sex 異.性” is a performance work created out of the somatic practice “Sex and Love” that I am currently building. “Sex and Love” is intended to help people rethink sex and elicit sexual/erotic energy, sensual attention, and love affects through movements and body awareness. Following the thinker Georges Bataille’s work Erotism, I see the erotic as a source of connectivity. The practice and the performance work explore the deconstruction of the narrow idea of sex, codified bodies, and repertoires of sex. Sex is not a performance of prowess or position-changing but a dialogue and a way of living and experiencing. Furthermore, they aim to reactivate the body as agentic and integrated being/becoming in (non-)traditional sexual scenes.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Feng Jiang


江峰 Jiang Feng is a non-gendered multi-disciplinary artist working across-genres in movement/dance, theatre, performance art, voice, text, modeling, film, photography and theory. He attained her B.A. in English and Chinese literature from National Taiwan University and they graduated with an M.F.A. degree in Performance and Performance Studies from Pratt Institute. They are the receiver of the R.O.C. Government Fellowship to study dance abroad and “Grants for 20-40-Year-Old Writers” from Ministry of Culture in Taiwan. In September 2019, her new work “臺彎 Bent-Tai(www)” won the “Genuinely Fringe” award, the third prize, in Taipei Fringe Festival. His works have been presented in Taiwan, the U.S., Germany, Bulgaria, Singapore, and Hungary in various artistic scenarios. In 2018, they were selected to be the performer of the work “Wall-Floor Positions” in the MoMA retrospective “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts.”

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