Seize the Day 2020

Seize the day (2020) is a Satirical Neo- Nigerian Short Film directed by Femi Johnson. This film aims to pose questions about everyday life and reality, keeping the viewers' eyes glued to the screen for the short screen time it has.

In his own words speaking about the film ‘’ I aimed to strip away all the elements that were not serving me, to emphasise the core; to buttress just the story. In this decade the attention span of the people has been shortened, I had to find a way to simplify my processes and to make my film quick and easy to chew.

Are you watching closely 2020

Sound Design Film by Femi Johnson
A film made out of only sound

The Intruder 2020

The Intruder (2020) is a chilling short that is as much about oneself as it is the main character (played by Ifebusola Shotunde).
Shotunde does a great job of portraying an “every man”. Though the story is unique to the character, it is not hard to see ourselves in the habits of the every man, to see our own reflection of his trials.
The shots themselves tell an intimate story of mania and normalcy. This contrast, as well as the tones of distress and fear, were played on just enough to relate to the viewers while leaving them uneasy. One cannot help but think of the historic presence the film has & how it plays on the COVID-19 quarantine, which has left many in this exact position –
home alone and fearful of what may intrude… or already has.”

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Femi Johnson


Femi Johnson is an Artist and Creator from Lagos, Nigeria. Femi Johnson’s work is meticulous in its desire to capture the minute. He focuses on documenting beautifully framed moments through close-ups and lighting, to reveal magic in the mundane. As a filmmaker, Femi has produced work for the Goethe Institute and Google, to name a few. As an artist Femi has exhibited in different countries and establishments of the world, having work exhibited on Artsy via Polartics, to exhibitions in Switzerland. Femi Johnson calls to escape the norm

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