Transcorporificação de Primeira Camada 2018

Transcorporificação de Primeira Camada, translated as transcorporification of the first layer, is a work that deals with the sculptural representation of an organic body in decay. By gathering molded fabric from fabric stores in the markets of Belo Horizonte, the material is put in vaccum sealed slices of plastic with added hair gel and gelatinous materials. As a final process, labeled with corporate id cards. The obtaining of the working visitor cards, is made through hacking systems of digital entrance, therefore bypassing the numeric representation of the human inside a corporate space. Both elements and signs come to fusion to compose a sort of other-body, which statictly stands in between realities.

Twzkxul Mural 2019

Wall mural executed in an abandoned warehouse at the industrial district of São Paulo, Brasil, during a collective paint-squat organized by QPM SP, 2019.
Spray paint, wall paint and liquid colorant.

Floemismo de Invocação. 2018

Floemismo de Invocação is an insatallation work produced using salt and acid on the spot to create a toxic acid smoke reaction that slowly, depending on the conditions of the environment cause evacuation of the exhibit space and aeration for a period of time. An industrial post-material way to execute a sulphur sumoning, on urban-alchemical context of mixture.

It participated of INTERFACE-01, a group show curated by Matheus Freitas and Gabriel Junqueira.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Felipe Filgueiras


Felipe Filgueiras is a human artist living and working in São Paulo, Brasil. As a child from the emerging 2000's internet and post-consumerism material era, relates and works in different mediums by fusioning elements of distinct nature and representations into coagullated, yet connected bodies of work. Thinking and working its interspace with the alterning results of blurred lines between digital
and physical, artificial and biological reality. As a visual communicator, transits between the universes of graphic design, digital art, print, painting and all things digital capturing, whether is by scanning,
videoing or simply merging photographs into drawings. Breathes in and out of bootlegged products, internet culture, and exists in the mindstate of the present time.

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