Performing the Sofa. 2016

The sofa is the centre of my home, the key witness of what goes on within these four walls, where we express our personality without filters. By interpreting this sofa with my body I’ve tried to express my feelings of woman, mother, wife, in the family context, indeed with regard to the ambitions going beyond those four walls and all the emotions, also oppositive, that nowadays a woman feels, struggling with her drives to personal, professional, familiar and social fulfilment.

Wonder Woman families project. 2017

Affected by the Wonder Woman syndrome, in the “Everything and Now” era, I investigate the multirole-at-the-same-time frenzy, high-performance demand and difficulty of selecting among tons of stirrings.
My photography is urgent, intimate, domestic.
With an ironic and sometimes conceptual point of view, I try to seize the energy of people and situations.

With this my first moving images work I enter, with a camera, the living rooms of 9 families with Wonder Woman mums:
demanding jobs, from 2 to 4 sons, complicated lives in their organization.
In the name of personal, professional, familiar and social fulfillment.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Federika Ponnetti


Classical studies, a law degree and lawyer title as the official "path". I used to live in Rome (with a suitcase whenever I could) up to 29 years, when I moved to Modena for love. Until the birth of children I could officially do a lawyer and be a part-time artist. Turned 36 years, with two children, I decided to devote myself to a more creative work and I have started my entrepreneurial adventure by taking over a baby clothing brand, "Monsieur Cucù". After 4 years, this experience ended either, and after deep reflection, I decided to return to the main theme of my life from my 14 years: Photography. And the Master of Photography at Fondazione Fotografia Modena becomes a new important chapter of my life. The rest, we will see.

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