Dirt Eaters 2021

The work is the latest in the eaters series. Slowly the object of the nourishment of these diners becomes something different from food up to this version in which people eat the earth, to evoke the condition of the man who sooner or later, as Pascoli recalls, "will have the mouth full of land".The technique used is printing, monotypic drawing and collage.

The Angel ant the minotaur 2020

This work is an evolution of the first monotypes made by the artist, made of only sign. The technique is the monotype and the work was inspired by Picasso etchings.
The stroke is decisive and is accompanied by passages of paper printed by the artist in various ways. These fragments are applied by means of the collage on the drawing. A new iconographic element appears: the angel, depicted in forms that vaguely evoke the divine presence.

Cold Sky 2019

Graffito on wood.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Federica Frati



Federica Frati was born in Brescia in 1977 where she lives and works. She graduated from art school Foppa where she learned the main artistic techniques. After two years of attendance at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, she graduated in art at the University of Milan in modern literature. Since 2009 Federica creates engraving prints at the Luciano Pea laboratory.
In parallel to the works of engraving, the artist produced,
from 2010 paintings following models and techniques of medieval painting: the synthesis and the solemnity of some frescoes, the non-descriptive urgency, the glimmers of gold, and “verdaccio” backgrounds, mark the pictorial production of Federica. The sign becomes prevalent and predominant in her paintings as in her prints, so often the paintings and engraving prints were exhibited together.

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