summer 2020 2020

acrylic paint on Stretched canvas
45/50 cm
signed from behind

Saharian flow 2020

acrylic paint on canvas
32/30 cm
signed from behind

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fatima ezzahra naim


Born on 05/25/1994, painter from a young age, my passion for drawing lives in me and this desire to paint my canvases is ripe
A graduate in tourism (travel agency), I like to travel and meditate on two worlds that give me free rein to imagination and creation. Passionate about colors, I love pairing them with each other.
The desire to create and to stand out feeds me. My own style manifested itself quite simply through the drawing.
Each of my works is different from the other.
My creativity follows my feeling, my instinct and my surroundings. I like to be daring and for it to be out of the ordinary!
Not drawing inspiration from any particular painter and remaining true to myself, I accept this compliment happily when you compare some of my works to those of other great artists.

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