Myths On Mars II 2021

When we are building the future, we're building the history too.

Our past has brought us here, so we can keep on building a future.

We are the connection of human beings from 5000 years ago and after 8000 years.

Our journey on Mars just started.

We are the very early legends of Mars.

Self-portrait: I SEE YOU, I HEAR YOU, I STAY WITH YOU. 2021

It is a self-portrait I've made to fight together with other Asian women against the 'Asian hate'.

I am a bridge between East and West.
I am a flower grown in the desert.
I am the storm in the winter screaming silently.
I am human. Human is me.


An imaginary summer.

Digital Collage, 40 cm x 40 cm

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



Film Director, Collage Maker, Multi-Talented Artist.

Born into a family of university professors, both of Fan's parents are heavy machinery engineers & musicians. She began to learn classical music from a very early age and achieved excellent results in piano and Olympic Mathematical competitions.

Fan went to Beijing Film Academy (Film Sound & Music Design B.F.A., 2002 – 2006) and London Film School (Filmmaking M.A., 2007 – 2010). She has worked on more than 40 feature films, short films and documentaries, including an Academy Awards (Oscars) nominated production and a 3D IMAX blockbuster movie. While studying in London, she was also working in theatres including the Royal Opera House and the O2 Arena.

She studied Luxury Bag Design in HFFA (Milan), Professional Photography at Efti (Madrid), and flamenco dress-making in Seville. Fan is also a traditional tea artist and a classical ballet dancer.

Currently based in Madrid, Spain, developing new films & art projects.

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