Hanging by a thread 2018

A stitch comic. 3 Panels 3 canvases , made by hand with only black thread. (If put together without any space between 50 x 50cm)

Stolen pages 2017

This is the first page of my linoleum comic project, which was stolen from the workshop. There are 4 more pages of it. Unfortunately no typo. ( 35x50cm )

one other option 2018

One other option was my last project when I was in my masters. Done with linoleum. ( 50×70 cm.)

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ezgi bicakci



My name is Ezgi Bıçakcı. I am a storyteller from Turkey. I'm in my 3rd year of studying proficiency in art. I studied Printmaking in university then got my Master's on the same subject. I wrote my master's thesis about early comic book history. My work usually revolves around human emotion and psychology of communicating. I love to explore new materials. I love to use fabric and thread to highlight the lack of communication between two people, a thread to connect us all yet again its impossible to connect anything with it. I am fascinated by psychology studies, I read lost of books on how brain works and I try to explore them with my art. Since everything we perceive is highly subjective, it makes my art even more specific on the subject. Other than stitching I love working digitally. Because of the pandemic I can no longer print since I got no working space for it. Recently I'm working on another stitch project and more digital illustrations.

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