TriChroTone. 2018

Chromesthetic installation based on the symbiotic relationship between color, light and sound. Its visual appearance mutates cyclically through a chromatic-sonorous sequence in which colors appear and transform thanks to the application of an additive-subtractive combination of color. The synthesis of its different elements is related to the viewer, which includes the emotional and polysensory connections of synesthetic character.
Each color has its distinctive “quale” that corresponds to a tonal sound vibration, generating the ability to awaken different emotions and impressions in the current human being. The triangles of color that make up the surface of the piece mutate cyclically under the transforming power of the, always hypnotic, sound-chromo-luminic symbiosis.
The internal rhythm of this work is marked by a sound sequence that, synchronized with that of color, generates emotional connections between both stimuli: to each color, a chord. To each note, one tonality.

H.W.C. Hypotalamus water perception. 2019

Digital analog mixing technique. mathematical perception of water. hypothalamic point of view .
The hypothalamus is the central regulator of several autonomous visceral functions, it affects emotional behavior, fear reaction, sexual impulse, feeling of anger and anger. It is automatically stimulated when the concentration of electrolytes in the blood is too high. Work in progress, to investigate, experiment and develop audio images that represent the different states.

CryptoChrome Series. 2020

CryptoChrome. It is a work in progress, where the chromatic response of our senses is affected by the color of the light that affects the color of the artistic work. Hidden colors encrypted in their vibratory forms and frequencies reveal new intentions.

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Ezequiel Nobili


Ezequiel Nobili (Buenos Aires, 1969) graduated in Image and Sound Design at the Pan-American School of Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Having taken specialization courses in different international institutions, he began his professional career as a Lighting Designer in 1988. Throughout his creative career he has worked in various fields and disciplines of the performing arts, designing multiple lighting projects, sets and visual contents.
The projects created by Ezequiel Nobili stand out for their search for a perfect balance between the artistic, the aesthetic and the experimental use of a specialized technology in constant change.
In parallel, Nobili combines his artistic work with teaching. In addition to teaching different monographs and workshops related to scenic and spectacular lighting in different institutions, he is also a professor in the Ephemeral Master of the School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM in the UPM), teaching subjects on Light and color emotional response.

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