Dancers 2019

This work belongs to the series titled “The Acts of Sensation”. This work touches subjects connected with identity and female body in the context of sexuality, desire, shame and female pollution. The female body is very often seen by women as imperfect, as something more difficult to love than to discredit. Not accepting it, however, is like denying the essence of our bodies as a whole. Solidity is an illusion, but since our senses are so “hyper-realistic”, the perception we have of our environment through them is manifested in a way that makes
us feel it as undoubtedly solid. We love measuring everything in such a materialistic way. But why we like to believe that emotions are considered subjective but the senses with
which we perceive are not?

No title 2019

This work also is also part of the same series “The Acts of Sensation”.

no title 2019

This work also is also part of the same series “The Acts of Sensation”.

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Ewelina Skowronska


Visual artist and printmaker (b. 1980 in Poland, currently lives and works in Tokyo). After having an accomplished career in advertising, Ewelina decided to fully dedicate herself to art in 2013. She retrained and specialised in visual arts at University of The Arts London where she graduated with distinction in 2015.

Female body is at the forefront of Ewelina’s prints and ceramic sculptures. She moves away from showing it as a finite whole, instead expressing it through a sense of space and fluidity, producing a distinctive vision of feminine physicality. Through exploration of the fundamentals of colour, form, lines and negative space, she focuses on ephemeral and unspoken aspects, using a combination of different printing techniques to produce a unique and powerful contrast. By exploring the interplay between nudity and carnality, she creates images on the edge of the figurative and abstract. Ewelina’s work has been exhibited in London, Ireland, USA, Canada, and Tokyo.

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