Glacial Wave 2020

Performance in an iceberg lagoon in Iceland. The artist had to swim in the freezing cold water, climb on the iceberg with her nails as crampons, and defy hypothermia to get this photo where the curve of the body perfectly meet the curve of the ice.

Silent Scream 2020

Creation using an experimental technique with microscopic photography.

Vision 2020

The strange atmosphere of this Vision comes from an experimentation with light variations in a single photo.

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Evge Noriavić


Evge Noriavić is a french self-portrait artist, born in 1999. After her career as a model, she decided to work on dramatic and powerful self-portraits centered on expression, geometry, and the strength of light and dark. Her most striking and well-known work is a project of photographic performances in the Arctic, where she poses on glaciers, icebergs, in total vulnerability and synergy with the ice.

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