Lemon holder 2019

I made this work during my residency at LE18 in Marrakesh. I am fascinated by the way how functional objects assume their shape and how I can transform them into sculptures. This work is made out of two wooden laths that I have found in the streets. You can see that they’re made by an artisan because of their unique shape. I added colourful Moroccan colours and lemons to complete it. These laths are holding the lemons and are connected with strings – one at the bottom and one on top of the object. I created a fragile tension between the elements, they are holding on to each other, trying not to fall apart. It’s an interesting way of playing with things and using the elements in different ways like I did with these lemons.

Yellow bach 2019

On this picture you can see a yellow bach which you find in multiple shapes and colours throughout the streets of Morocco. Besides the bach itself, I intent to represent the art of abstract painting, which relates to my earlier work. It is made of recycled materials and created in an architectural context of a typical Moroccan riad. With this work I want to make a connection with the surrounding spaces and play with the urban colors present throughout the city. This work can also be shown as a picture on its own.

scale model exhibition 2020

This work consist of a scale model that is made for an exhibition. The scale model can been shown as a work or a presentation of the project. I made diffrent elements that represent my work in a smaller scale. It’s a combination of found objects and work that I created during this proces.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Evelyn Vanoverbeke



I’m a Belgian artist from Ghent (1991) based in Brussels. I completed my studies at Luca school of Arts Ghent and received my Master diploma in Visual Arts in 2014. After graduating I joined several projects mainly based in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp. I received a number of invitations to join group exhibitions and last year I did an interview wit Subbacultcha, an artist magazine based in Ghent. I won the 3th prize for Abstract Painting in ccZwanenberg (2018) and the 2nd prize for Plubic Visual Art in ccHarelbeke (2016). I exhibited in Rivoli Rossi Contemporary Gallery in Brussels with a solo exhibit in 2018 and participated in several group exhibitions. A few months ago I did an artist-residency at LE18 in Marrakesh sponsored by the Flemish Government. At the moment I’m applying for new projects and to establish relationships with interesting people who can play a big role in my further career and give some new perspectives and possibilities to grow as an artist.

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