Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival 2020

Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival in Downtown Pensacola, Florida.

"After the Rain in Downtown Pensacola" 2020

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esmeraldo abalde


Esmeraldo Abalde is a self-taught artist born in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. His love for art started when he was a child watching his mother draw on a little piece of paper. “I was attached to my mother and was very much stunned by her drawings so I started imitating her trying to attempt to draw like she did.” ​ In his younger days, Esmeraldo worked with artists at a public school where he was studying and learned the art of holding a brush and the basic colors. ​ After years of college as a Business major, he decided to follow his dreams and take art seriously. Today, Esmeraldo strives to continue learning and exploring the different ways he can improve as an artist. “I love creating a variety of subjects from representational to abstract, to express my deeper appreciation of the beauty around me.”

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