"Concrete and Sunset" , oil on canvas, 90×30 2021

Istanbul may seem like a beautiful city when one looks through an outsider eye. If we overlook those well-known Istanbul sights and walk into the streets, we can see the true face of Istanbul that is full of chaos. I call this Istanbul the real Istanbul. A few bridges and silhouette of a few minarets have not been enough to define this city for a long time. On the other hand, I tried to capture a view through my critisizing eye as an artist. I tried to express in my own way, a sunset and this chaos falling asleep at night and a couple that attempt to capture the beauty of city and look through their future despite the crowded city of buildings.

"Man of This City" , oil on canvas, 120×90 2019

This work, which is an oil on canvas, shows basically a man who is a reflection of character of Istanbul's citizens, through his daily journey to work. This journey is a step-by-step process that goes towards accumulation of tiredness, yesterday, today, and every day, just as you go to work in the morning. In this city, it is only the passing clouds that may reflect on its beautiful scenes. This low and middle-income class, which flows from Anatolia to Istanbul, would disappear in the crowded streets after the journey that flows through the streets by public transport.

"Residents of the City", oil pastel on kraft paper, 50×70 2019

This piece of art exhibits the bitter fact in Istanbul, where majority of people are living in small blocks, with green areas becoming less every day. You feel like suffocation every day.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Erkan şahin



Born in city of Samsun, Turkey in 1986, as the second in four siblings, Erkan enjoyed his childhood within green scenery in an extended family. Years later, his family moved to Istanbul, a metropolitan city, where he witnessed the dynamics of life, overfull streets, and people busy with earning life. It affected his passion for art since he noticed how low-income people do not have luxury for following up with art. Erkan finished his BSc in Hacettepe University, a reputable university in Ankara, Turkey. After graduating, he worked as an art teacher, and recently he has started digital painting to complement his passion to paintings with digital works. His major art pieces reflect on crowded cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, where he lived. He took part in "BASE İstanbul" in 2017 and "Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland" in 201 Erkan aspires to a world where everyone has access to art.

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