“The Cube”. 2017

The Cube – work in progress
The Cube is visual art, sculpture and dance performance created using mathematics. It is annotation for dance, by way of graphs, similar perhaps to how you annotate music or graph your banking information. The image is printed 6 times, each 8” by 8”. The second image is cut in half vertically and horizontally. The third image is cut in half vertically and horizontally per section. And so on. The numbers from the visual pattering determine a choreographic pattern for the dance, roughly 90min. The large scale floor covering shows all of the mathematics involved in creating the choreography as colored graphs, numbers and texts and serves as the dance floor (not pictured). The dance is performed in an 8’ cube out of steel piping. Each side of the cube is divided by more piping to match the image patterns (*divided by wire in preview as shown in images).

Collaborators: Joseph Harris, Julia Galanski

Duration: 90 min performance, visual art and sculpture remain in space

Discipline: Dance, Visual Art, Sculpture

Photos by Saam Aghevli


“The Pain Project”. 2017

Like many dancers, and most humans, I live with pain daily. Although I can become sad and frustrated with my physical body, with this new project, I am choosing to honor the hurting that I feel. January 30, 2018 was my first entry into this journaling process. I sat with my drawing paper book and began to paint my thoracic spine. As I laid my spine down on the paper, I felt a relaxation I wasn’t expecting. I was filled with calmness, joyousness, and even understanding. These beautiful paintings are not of darkness and despair but of gratitude and healing. The physical pains are represented by an impression of the body using black paint. Emotional pains are represented as shapes and colors. This journal becomes alive with dance, with each entry inspiring 15 seconds of movement. It is the most personal performance of my career, telling a story, a story I am not alone in knowing.
Photos by: Martin Mailhot at RURART Residency (Quebec, CA)


“TOLERANCE”, a performance art piece, was created to demonstrate the public’s opinion on news issues caused by intolerance. The objective is to use the evolution of social media to draw attention to how desensitized we’ve become to events that should have an impact on us.The participants, each following news sources on Twitter, read tweets to represent different opinions surrounding the topic of political tolerance/intolerance. We will sit in a semicircle, cheers and drink beer whenever someone recites a tweet. The participants represent neutrality and will not express personal feelings toward a tweet. However, the performance will change the more drunk we become.
All viewers are encouraged to grab a beer, cheers and drink with us.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Erika Boudreau-Barbee

United States

ERIKA BOUDREAU-BARBEE performs with Third Rail Projects, appearing in the Bessie winning production of Then She Fell and their large immersive theatre production The Grand Paradise. Current projects include The Cube, TOLERANCE, and The Pain Project. Artist in Residency programs include ChaNorth Chashama Residency (2018- NY), RURART (2018- Quebec), Takt Kunsprojektraum (2013, 2015 Grant Awardee- Berlin) and La Fragua (2014- Spain). Exhibition shows include: Ferme La Généreuse (Quebec), Tapir Lab Gallery (Berlin), Takt Kunsprojektraum Gallery (Berlin), Tapenwerk Festival (Leipzig), El Convento De Santa Clara (Belalcazar). She has exhibited dance, multimedia, site specific work, and created TOLERANCE, an ongoing political performance series currently being performed in various venues in NYC.

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