Plastic Big Bang 2020

The body of work entitled “AFTERMATH”l explores Adeyemi Emmanuel Adebayo’s height of limitless possibilities indulging plastics with art to tackle the rising tide of pandemic driven plastic waste, such that every creation of his dwells on the basis and usage of daily exhaled plastics from human activities in the period of the COVID 19 pandemic. Taking a cue from an early occurrence on earth to take as reference, this body of work will focus on sculptural works that juxtapose a historical event with the imputes of plastic pollution in our world of today which leaves a vast uncertainty for our future generations.
I have set no boundaries to this installation art with the intention to spread it across the globe to instill awareness in every corner of the world affected by this man-made plague. Each of these rocks takes the form of a meteoroid created with the use of found materials; plastic bottles, foam, Swarovski stones, polystyrene chips

It Rained Plasticly 2021

The Table Before Me In The Table Presence Of My Enemies 2019

Drenched in Ruth and gratitude right before the birth of this creation, literally, I asked myself, "what could be more provoking than one rightfully feasting on a dinner table in the presence of one's enemies; watching you honored and flourish in the realm of the highest blessings". This basic idea grew into taking biblical fresh coiled around a notable verse amongst the Christian society; "You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings". This notion struck my thoughts back into a self of being a little child again; growing up in an extended family house in the midst of chaotic relatives made me realize certain things in life that occurs and how we choose to react to it; what to do when you are surrounded by wolves the shades of sheep. This sculpture takes a dimension of 8ft X 8ft and is preferably installed by suspending from a ceiling as well as mounting on a bare wall.

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Emmanuel Adeyemi


Emmanuel Adeyemi Adebayo came into the world on the first day of the fifth month of 1997 in Lagos, Nigeria. He’s the son of an artist who stopped his professional practice due to self-inflicted uncertainties but didn’t rub off on Emmanuel’s practice who taught himself how to draw and paint at the early stages of his life as he felt inspired by the past works of his father. For his education, Emmanuel took creative arts at the University of Lagos where he later slipped out of school to explore more of his talent beyond his professor’s rules and confinement since it was often based on less practice and more of theories. he got fully engaged with reforming and polishing his artistic talent has He shifted his focus on redeeming earth off her dirt caused by human activities, recreate her with a vision of achieving an adequate environment for all species living in it.

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