Provocation 2021

Provocation, 2021, series 'Expressions' 100×90cm
Acrylic on canvas.

This series – as like small female manifest. Little bit comical but at the same time with allusion on your rights
and borders. Don’t tell me how should I be, don’t make me responsible for some kind of ephemeral
provocation. Don’t cross the line.

Entre nous (between us) 2021

Entre nous (between us), 2021, series 'Letters'
acrylic on the plastic panel (framed 42×71cm)

all drama, all love and tragedy, moments of the joy and sorrow, the words said and unsaid, thoughts expressed and unexpressed, feelings, emotions that we searching for or we are living day by day with someone who we love or we loved. anyway it stays between us.

Coffee & Cigarettes. Twins 2021

Twins, 2021, series 'Coffee & Cigarettes'
60×70cm, acrylic on canvas.

The series coffee& cigarettes was created by influence
of spectacular movie Coffee & Cigarettes by Jim
Jarmusch. The movie that is the canonical by his style
and fine humor, and I don’t stop to get inspiration from it. My goal – it’s not simply paint the shots from the movie
by the graphic ways, I would like to show the
atmosphere of moments, when you can stop the messy
around you and sink into discussion with some
interesting person while having your favorite cup of
coffee. the person who has been chosen by you to share
this moment- intimate and incomparable, as like the
coffee ritual.
Or maybe, conversely, this is the moment to stay alone,
with your thoughts, dreams, and images by having your favorite cup of aromatic coffee in your favorite place.
This series I’m going to fill by many other stories, my own stories,
the moments from my life.
But now… It's a time to have some cup of coffee, isn't it?

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Elzara Oiseau (Avramenko)


Im young emerging artist from Kyiv with crimean origins. Born 12.01.1989. In 2011 I graduated the university by specialty monumental art. During few years after studying, I was working with the jewelry, and I founded my own small jewelry brand.
Last year I dedicated all my time for my art and my artistic way. I tried many different techniques: from the oil classic painting up to abstract calligraphy, experimenting with the colour researches and expressive ways in creating the images and expressing own impressions, observations and emotions.
Im getting my inspiration from the black&white movies, music, languages, travels and people – this everything you can find in my paintings. All my series are the translations from the seen, listened, and felt.
Now Im on the wave of abstract calligraphy, that gives me the ways to express everything unsaid. Also for depict the visual images from researches and answers to the musical influence on my feelings and emotions. I love everything i do.

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