Mammalia​ 2019

Mammals are creatures with the most acutely developed maternal instinct.

It can be so strong that an animal of one species is taken to feed animals of another species, despite the difficulties, dangers and interspecific contradictions laid down by nature.

One element gives strength to another, generating something new.

Clay, copper, something new.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Elizaveta Vatlina


Vatlina Elizaveta is a self-taught ceramist based in Moscow, Russia. She had gone through different careers, none ever quite bringing her a sense of fulfillment and happiness.She took a ceramic class for fun a few years ago and couldn’t stop making it till now.

The historical context has always been of great importance to her. It’s a way to ancient past and rituals. Ceramics was formed together with the evolution of mankind and continues to evolve to this day, drawing on the rich experience of thousands of years and multiplying it.

Elizaveta looks for inspiration in ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian art, which appreciates both the elegant simplicity of form and the purpose of objects. In addition, ideas come from the creations of nature itself, which can be found only far from the megalopolis – seashells on the seashore, grass brushed in the mountains, tidal stones, contrasts of forest textures and colors.

In our time, the boundaries of art are undefined. In works the artist focuses on ancient forms, but at the same time brings a modern tint.

It’s really mediative feeling when you work as a hand builder. You touch the nature in this way and  what’s more – you can express  emotions and ideas in your work.

In the process of making Elizaveta utilizes many different materials (chamotte, stone masses, semi-porcelain, slip) depending on the vision for a work. For most works, I use the contrast of black and white to emphasize the shape of the product and texture.

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