blood cover 2019


family values 2018

X70 mosaic
My home is my castle
For most, a home is a place of power that you want to return to, a source of pleasant memories and a 24-hour support center. More often than not, a person keeps behind closed doors what is happening within his walls – the house becomes an untouchable theme, at the same time associated with an indestructible fortress.
Sometimes it’s worth just looking out the window to cast doubt on this fact. But in order to understand how the “family hearth” forms an individual personality, you need not to observe, but to be on the other side of the keyhole.
What is the name of a house in which support is replaced by humiliation, love by violence, and respect by forced cultivation in a child of his own unfulfilled ambitions?

desert 2019

Levkas, acrylic

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Elizaveta Eliseeva


Eliseeva Elizaveta Vyacheslavovna. 1995 year of birth. Place of birth city of Sochi. She graduated from college GBOU SPO KAS7 in the direction of “cabinet maker-artist and teacher” in 2015. A student at the Moscow Art and Design Institute named after Stroganov at the department of “monumental and decorative painting”. Graduate of MMOMA “Free Workshops 18-19”

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