Portfolio 2020

I realize a short portfolio with some of my experiences from shows to personal training

Choreography with Bboy Cojo 1st studio 2020

Elisa Spagone and Bboy Cojo join their skills to find a new style and a new way of expression.

Time an emotional progression 2015

A study on time and separation, how a woman can deal with two archetypes and how she pass over it.

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Elisa Spagone



Elisa Spagone is a dancer, choreographer and dance therapist, she has been working with different choreographers and dancing and teaching in Les Transe Mutants company. She also realize solo projects and own shows in Europe. At the moment she collaborate with Bboy Cojo, creating a new style, joining Urban dance to Contemporary and Dance Theatre. She continues her research towards movement and human being, creating impro performances and shows. And meanwhile she works in big events all over the world. Last show ' Seeds of the Union' in the UAE.

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