The Cage 2020

A “uncontrolled” daily behavior and social event switched into a “controllable” art production and artistic event, everything seems never happened, everything from realistic physical world changed into a illusive mental world.

Inertia 2020

According to Newton’s First Law, an object at rest stays at rest
and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and
in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.
The experience of limbo due to any “sudden incident” in the course of
one’s life, is the pivotal stone where my image narrative is based. Anything can change within a fraction of a second, and this work reflects an attempt to interpret and accept the loss and “constant-change” phases.

The Cage 2 2020

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Elif Özen


Elif ÖZEN was born in İzmir /Turkey in 1987. 2011, Dokuz Eylül Universty, Faculty of Fine Arts , Department of Painting
2016,Dokuz Eylül Universty,The Institute of Fine Arts,Department of Painting
2020- Hassas Müdahale, Kıraathane İstanbul Edebiyat Evi, İstanbul
2020- Untitled, Mixer Gallery, İstanbul
2019- Step İstanbul’da, Mixer Gallery, İstanbul
2019- Kağıt, Pilevneli Project, Pilevneli Gallery, İstanbul
2018- Kağıt Üzerine, Cep Gallery, İstanbul
2018- Lokasyon, Cep Gallery, İstanbul
2017- Printes 17: The Multiplier Effect, Mixer Gallery, İstanbul
2017- Gizli, Geçici, Sahte, NG Sanat Galerisi, İzmir
2017- İzler, Mixer Gallery, İstanbul
2016- Contemporary İstanbul, Mixer Gallery
2016- Orası, Nilüfer Sanat Evi, Mixer Gallery, Bursa
2016- Mamut Art Project 16, Küçükçiftlik park- İstanbul
2016- Kağıt Üzerine, Mixer Gallery, İstanbul
2015- Sınırlar ve Yörüngeler 17, Siemens Sanat, İstanbul
2015- Shuffle, 42 Maslak Art!SPACE, İstanbul

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